To inspire other young adults to travel.  Lets face it we are generally broke but that doesn’t ever seem to stop us.  We may not have money for food but we sure as hell will manage to scrap together enough bills to go on spring break, a winter ski trip or a girls weekend.  So lets use this page to tell stories about our favorite places and the best stuff to do there for the generally thrill seeking beer drinking just barely legal crowd.

Spotlight This Week (We’ll stay in the country)


So what is the best area to go to and what activities and bars make it the place to be?

Calling all youngings

So I find it really frustrating that most travel sites are geared toward an older crowd.  You hardly ever see anything that focuses on the college age group and the young professionals.  Which is sad because this is a group that I feel would really love some guidance.  So feel free to leave comments about trips you’ve taken and trips you hope to take and maybe we can help people see that everyone is a travel addict no matter their age.

Hello world!

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